Andean colors was born in the heart of a wrestling woman and single mother Hilda Mayta. She was born in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, at the age of 12 she lost her mother and remained as a substitute for her, taking care of her 4 younger siblings, she grew up in a vulnerable situation full of machismo, finished her secondary and migro to the city of Cusco in search of a better opportunity, the worst happened there, he met a depraved man who turned his life into an abyss, it can be said that he saw a world full of injustice and machismo for being a woman and of Andean origin, he saw the death of very close in the hands of that one badly called father of his children.

The same situation he experienced helped to forge a project to help single mothers and empower young women from vulnerable situations, with the firm thought that we are all equal women and men.

Andean colors was born in the heart of Hilda and with the help of her new partner Marco a. Zuniga as a project to help all those single women and mother who suffer domestic abuse.


Our mission as a company is to help and take care of the environment by making minor use of synthetic garments. Taking into account that these days we live a very unpleasant situation of climatic changes, which is why we have set ourselves our own task of fulfilling teaching how to use and produce organic garments.

 Very aware of a social problem that we live every day, chauvinism, the same that forces us and commits us to play a very important role before the new generation, that is why we commit to generate employment for all single women and single mothers vulnerable


Peru is a magical and unique place the mountains, snowy, broken, valleys, llamas and alpacas, its people, gastronomy and finally its colorful textile draws attention to every traveler in the world.

Walk colors to live a unique experience, you will have the opportunity to walk with the llamas and alpacas, take photos and at the same time enjoy the mountains, sacred valley, the snowy mountains, and then we will learn with a professional chef to prepare the delicious Peruvian stew Like ceviche, quinoa soup, the Lima cause, chiri ucho that will eventually become our picnic lunch, we will finally have a textile workshop where artisans will teach us to make our own bracelets.



  • Walk with llamas from the Mirador of the Sacred Valley and Machuqolqa to Racchi 2.30 hours
  • Cooking classes with a professional chef 3 different dishes 1.30 an hour and a half
  • 1 hour picnic lunch
  • Kinds of fabric of a bracelet, 1.30 an hour and a half



• Walk with llamas

• Local guide

• Cooking classes with professional chef

• Ingredients for cooking classes

• Picnic lunch

• Weaving classes of a bracelet taught by artisans

• Threads for weaving classes

• Muña tea.



• Cold drinks

• Tips